3 Best Screen Recorders With Internal Audio

In today’s article, I will be telling you guys how you can internally record your screen and upload your recordings on YouTube. The whole post will be based on this topic. First of all, you have to download these three screen recorders applications. Finding these applications was not easy, it took me a lot of time searching for them on the internet. You can try these three applications. I’ll show you guys a demo of these applications. All these apps run Completely fine on my phone and it records my screen internally.
Screen Recorders

ADV Screen Recorder

First of all, we have is “ADV Screen Recorders”
Wait! before this topic starts I want to tell you guys that I saw an article in XDA forums that tells if you own a device of Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, or Asus then you don’t need to worry about all these phones already have a built-in screen recording feature. I already own a Samsung phone. I tried it for myself. Whatever game you’re playing on your Samsung phone you can find a small game launcher option on the side or in the notification panel of your phone, just open it.
When you open the settings what you gotta do is, you need to select either you have to record your game’s sound or internally record your screen. You have to select the internal screen recording option. I don’t own a Huawei, Xiaomi, Asus, oneplus, so it’s difficult for me to demonstrate them all. If you own any of these devices what you have to do is, you need to search on the Internet on how to screen record on these devices and you can try them for yourself.
Now coming to those who don’t own any of these devices just like me, What you guys gonna do is, you need to download these 3 applications. The first one is “ADV Screen Recorder” Now you have to open the settings. you’ll need to swipe a bit down and you’ll will find audio settings, select record audio, You’ll find these three option. Down here is “internal audio” (android 10+) But as you guys know that I have Android 11 installed on my phone, it will also work on android 10. I will select the internal audio option and now I internally record my audio easily, only if this option is successfully selected. It’s not necessary that every time this application will work for you but somehow it doesn’t work then don’t worry, just move to the next application.

Screen Recorders no ads

Now the 2nd app is already reviewed by other YouTubers. The name of the app is “Screen Recorder no ads”
Now we have to open this application, go into the settings and just like the previous apps nothing different. we just need to find the audio source of this app, for me it’s showing mic, unprocessed Raw, voice performance, internal sound, but if it shows only mic and unprocessed Raw for you then unfortunately, you can’t record. From here I’ll select the internal sound option. Now my phone will record the sound internally but for some reason, this app doesn’t work for you then don’t worry.

Screen Stream Mirroring

We will move towards the third app. Name of the final app coming in our list is “screen stream mirroring”
Now we have to open the sidebar menu. What’s interesting about this app which I tried it by myself is, from this app you can live stream on twitch Facebook YouTube and many other servers.
With this application, I streamed on YouTube with my external microphone muted And streamed with my internal microphone on, The stream was perfectly fine and smooth.
Whatever I do on my screen everything will be recorded on a solid 1080p and that recording can be live streamed on YouTube, With your internal audio along with your external microphone on. This application is the one which I liked the most.
Now how to check the compatibility of this application with your phone. Just go to the side bar menu, from there select the “preferences” option, then select “ audio Preferences”. Now go to audio sources and if you are lucky enough then select microphone+internal. Down here you’ll find two knobs for “internal volume” and for “microphone volume” by these knobs you can adjust your level of internal sound and or you can completely mute your microphone or you can adjust its sensitivity. We can also use our mic along with internal audio during stream simultaneously.

Related Issues And Their Solutions

If you are among those unfortunate people Who weren’t able to run all the three applications and they didn’t had any of the devices mentioned earlier, So don’t feel you’re alone. I got one more solution for you guys and this solution has already been reviewed by other youtubers. Now how this method works? you’ll need to download the app onto your phone.
Step 1:

After downloading it, open up the app and select the “three dotted menu” go to the settings and here you’ll have to do just a little swipe down. Now here you’ll find the audio source option. In there you’ll find two more options mic and unprocessed Raw, just select “Mic”. By doing this step you’re phone will only be able to record your external microphone. You guys will need a handsfree. Now insert your headphone jack into your phones headset port. Now press and hold the centre button of your handsfree.

Step 2:
No you can’t hold this button for much longer, you must need a clip to hold this button for you, place a clip on the button just like I am doing right now and leave it on side. Now you have to press the start recording button. As soon as recording starts your internal audio will also be recorded along with your screen. One major drawback of this application is that your voice chat is disabled. Which means that if you are playing pubg you can’t talk with your friends or simply they cant hear you.
Try all these methods one by one by yourself, if one application doesn’t work for you then don’t worry try all of the other application, one of them might work for you.
And if it does work for you then it’s a big achievement for me. That I came here to teach you guys and I am successful in it.

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