Bernoulli’s Equation For Blood Flow Described

In today’s article, i’m gonna tell you the way the blood flow system works in our body and what’s the concentration of salt and water in our blood and body. Blood is almost an incompressible fluid having a density nearly adequate that of water. The concentration of fifty of red blood cells increases its viscosity from three to 5 times that of water. Blood vessels don’t seem to be rigid. They stretch sort of a rubber hose. Under normal circumstances, the quantity of the blood is sufficient to stay the vessels inflated the least bit times even within the relaxed state between heartbeats.


 This means there’s tension within the walls of the blood vessels and consequently, the pressure of blood inside is bigger than the external gas pressure. The pressure varies from a high blood pressure of 121 torrs during which 1 torr is capable 133.3 Newton meter square to low blood pressure of about 75 to 80 torr between beats in an exceedingly normal healthy person. The numbers tend to extend with age similar to the decrease within the flexibility of The vessel walls.

Blood flow

 The unit of torr or mm of HG is opted rather than SI unit of pressure due to its extensive use in medical equipments. An instrument called a sphygmomanometer measure pressure level dynamically. An inflatable bag is wound round the arm of a patient and external pressure on the arm is increased by inflating the bag. The effect is to squeeze the arm and compress blood vessels inside. When the external pressure applied becomes larger than the blood pressure the vessels collapse, cutting of the flow of the blood. 


Opening the discharge valve on the bag gradually decreases the external pressure. A stethoscope detects the moment at which the external pressure becomes capable that blood pressure. Add this time the primary surges of blood flow through the narrow structure produces a high flow speed. 


As a result, the flow is initially turbulent. because the pressure drops the external pressure eventually equals the blood pressure. From now, The vessel not collapse during any portion of the flow cycle. The flow switches from turbulent to laminar and also the gurgle within the Stethoscope disappears. this is often the signal to record blood pressure.

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