Best Ways To Earn Through Youtube Step By Step Explained

Basically youtube is a social media platform where peoples can create their channels and upload the videos of their interest. But now, youtube is not limited to only entertainment purpose. Youtube has become a business for many peoples and they earn from it in different ways. In this article, those ways are described completely for you so that you can get to know the best ways from which you can get money as for your livings.

Earn through youtube


Earning Though Adsense

By creating a youtube channel you can monetize it through adsense and can earn a lot of money. But to earn through Adsense, you are required to get adsense approval. And to get the adsense approval there is a criteria which needs to be followed by you strictly. For adsense approval your channel needs at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours at least.Earn through youtube

But this is not only the way to get the adsense approval there are other rules you need to follow. In the new rules list, Youtube has introduced new rules in which there is clearly written that there should not any community guidelines active on your channel at the time of applying and your content should be adsense friendly. The content should be clean and must be self created should be copied from others.

After approval you need views on your videos so that you can generate revenue from adsense ads which are shown during playing your videos. There is a CPC cost per click and CPM cost per impression system. To earn in high amount you need to create videos for highly paying niches. Niche is basically the main topic around which your videos and content revolves around. For example the finance and tech niches pay highly per 1000 impressions.

The adsense monthly payment system is simple. The payments to the creators are issued after every 21 date of the month but the payments may be delayed sometime regarding some issues. And the payments and revenue is calculated between 1st date to the end of the month but are issued after 22nd of month.

Earning Through Brands Promo

To earn through youtube, adsense is not the only limited method there are many ways from which you can earn a handsome amount. The one and most paying method is brands promotions. For this source you need a good audience base, it means you should have a great amount of subscribers. If you have higher number of subscribers brans will reach out to you by themselves automatically. And those brands pay you a higher amount for their brand promotion.

For example, if you have created a youtube channel related to gaming and you have good number of subscribers and daily views. The gaming brands and communities will reach out to you for the promotion of their products. Gaming chair companies also reach out to the gamers who have a decent amount of subscribers for the promotion of their gaming chair products. The graphic card companies also reach out to the creator for the promotion of newly launched products.

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