How to Find Freelance Graphic Design Clients on Instagram with a Small Following

Finding Freelance Graphic Design Clients

Freelance Graphic Design

Getting freelance graphic design clients on Instagram is not just about posting with hashtags and waiting for clients to find you. There are 3 steps you can DO to find clients without waiting for those hearts, comments or DMs. Especially when you are running dry on client work and want to see some influx of new work fast.
And I am also going to tell you a 3 minute routine you can do daily to gain regular followers that could turn into your actual freelance graphic design clients on Instagram, saving that one to the end. The first step is to find a hashtag that your ideal client would be using on their own posts. For this example, we are going to say #healthcoach. Then what you want to do is go to recent.
So you find one and go into their account, follow them, like their posts, comment on 10 of their posts something you liked about what they shared, go deeper, with writing a longer comment than just “that’s so cool”, be specific to what they are sharing, for this one I could say how this really touched me as a mom of a girl and that I appreciate she is sharing this message with others. and then if they have a story you can watch it and then reply to it as well.
Step #2 is Let’s say you do website design for health coaches, you can then go to their website and see if it is up to standards. Do you see something that could be improved? Or if you do brand identity, do they have a cohesive look? Because you need to impress your freelance graphic design clients. (You should also optimize your profile on fiverr)
Step #3 You want to then send them a message with your findings. But really, really key is to first tell them something you like about their business, be specific, say something about a post they shared that was helpful to you and then mention that you noticed they weren’t using a specific strategy on their website that you would love to tell them about or in their brand identity that could help them get more clients. If they also have an e-mail address on their website or on their IG, you should reach out that way as well.
On average, it takes reaching out to about 7 people to get one to respond, so if you did this outreach to 14 people per day, you should get about 2 responding. And you want to not copy paste the same thing over and over and over as this is going to first off get flagged as spam to IG, but also these ideal clients will be much less likely to respond to you if it is not tailored to them. Use their name and throw in some personal element (that is truly genuine, you don’t want to be lying), such as you like where they are located or anything to make them even more willing to respond.
If they respond and they are not super engaged yet, you can also ask them what they are struggling with in their business and get them to answer that way. And then if this is something your designs help them to solve, you can relate that back to your services. They want their business to do better and be more successful, so if your service helps them to get there, it is your duty to tell them that.
This will obviously work even better if you have your profile optimized and geared towards this one specific type of client. If you know what their struggling with and you know how your services help them to solve their struggles. That way when they go check out your own IG account or your website, they are more likely to follow you and respond. And for figuring out who your ideal client is, definitely check out my free guide to help you out.
Now that tip I promised you at the beginning, is spend time for 3 minutes every day going to the hashtag that your ideal freelance graphic design client would use and just heart every recent post you can. Obviously you can spend a lot more than 3 minutes on this, but if you are one of the first to like their posts, they will be more likely to check out your profile. Also you can go deeper with this and comment on every one of the recent posts something non spammy, something you like about it.
Doing this consistently every day will help to grow your following with quality followers that could truly turn into your actual paying clients.
Okay, if you found this article helpful, please hit that like button right now and if you want to learn more about getting clients or setting up your own graphic design business for success, check out this website regularly, which will go deeper into that subject. Thanks so much for reading and I will see you next time!
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