How To Create a Blogging Website in 2022

Hello guys, today I am going to teach you how to create a blogging website where you can monetize it with AdSense and earn money from it easily. But before that, I really want to aware you that this is not a one-night process it took a long time and hard work. And if you are willing to sacrifice your time and efforts then you can really go to this side because this side has enough money to fulfill all your dreams and requirements by only AdSense.

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Rumors And Unawareness

In this modern age, there are still rumors that you need to learn to code for creating a blogging site. But this is totally wrong and this is unawareness because you can create a website easily without even a little bit of coding. Because for the blogging site, you need to manage it on only WordPress because coding is required for a tool site or a site specially built for some functions.

My Self Experience About Rumors

A few days back when I was not in the blogging field then I Also think that blogging is only done by coding. But now I am in this field and I know the importance of blogging because I earn at least 20 to 30 dollars per day with only 500 page views because of blogging. And when I try to convince my friends to blog because I want them to also earn from it and live a happy life but they also have the same response as others because they are not aware of this side and they don’t have any knowledge about blogging because they still think that blogging can only be done by coding.

Earning Potential

In blogging literally, there is much high potential for earning rather than instead of YouTube or any other platform. Let me give you an example by comparing the views and earnings of YouTube and a blogging website. For example, if you have a gaming channel on YouTube then you can earn only $1 for 3000 views But when we go to the blogging site and compare these three thousand views then we can earn at least $100 from 3000 page views. This is the earning potential of a blogging website and literally, only AdSense is not earning resource you can go for guest posting when your website is getting daily maximum viewers and visitors. There are about at least 21 methods to earn from a blogging website.

Requirements To Create a Blog

For creating a blogging website you need to buy hosting and domain. First of all, let me tell you the concept of hosting and domain the word hosting means a server where your website’s data will be hosted And domain will be the short name of your website which will be visible to the visitors and users who visit your website. To buy hosting and domain you can go to any website for example hostinger, NameCheap or any other website hosting provider. These are the name of some companies that provide hosting and domain. If you want a review and comparison of these companies and their services then you can probably comment down so that I could post a new article about their services and ranking. For getting hosting and domain you need to sign up on any of these websites and get a suitable domain for your future plans about your related topics and niches.¬†

Planning For Niche

When you have bought hosting and domain then the second step is to plan for a niche. Niche is basically the main topic of your website. When you have decided the niche for your website then you can write articles and publish them on your site by creating some categories and topics.

Adsense Approval Time

 After you have created your website and you have selected the niche and you are publishing articles on your website, Now you can apply for AdSense. But getting AdSense approval is not much easier because AdSense has some policies and you need to follow those policies to get into the AdSense partner program. First of all your content should be AdSense policy friendly and you should publish at least 30 articles before applying for the partner program.

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