How to Create Animated Stickers for WhatsApp

Steps To Create Animated Sticker For Whatsapp

in this article, I will show you the process to make you own flat and animated stickers for whatsapp easily. Welcome to my blog where I highlight on beneficial applications and important programs that help you in your daily tasks. Be sure to pin our URL to bookmarks so you stay updated whenever a new post is up. Also please don’t forget to if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to leave a comment down below.Animated Stickers

Now let me show you how you can spice up your boring whatsapp chats, let’s get started. After reading this article, you will be able to send your own photos and short videos as whatsapp stickers to your friends and family members through whatsapp. This is one of the best ways to respond to messages especially if they are your own custom stickers.

Sticker Maker App

So first I will start with the normal stickers, and to do that all you’re gonna do is download the “sticker maker” app, which is available for free on both play store and app store. Once you’ve open it, 2 options will appear. “Community” where there are a lot of different emojis to choose from. And you’re able to add them to your whatsapp just in one click! The second option is “My stickers” and this is the important part. So go ahead, tap on create a new sticker group, name your pack, and here you can see that you can add up to 30 animated stickers to the same group.


Where the first dotted square stands for the tray icon I’m gonna insert my logo here and the other 30 squares stands for the stickers that we should work on them. So to start working on your first sticker, click on the square number 1, then pick an image from your gallery, take a new photo, or just right a text. I just selected this one. The first option is used to rotate your picture if needed. If you are using a ready or png image and you don’t need to crop any part from it, just select the second option to select it all (not my case because my selected image has a background and I need to remove it).


It is got an option also to automatically remove the background, go ahead tab this smart select button and as you can see it cuts you out so quickly and even add the border. (It works well when you have a simple background, but if you have a complicated one you can just choose the freehand option to do it manually, and it is also easy). You can also change the width of your border and the colors, which gives you a little bit of customization, which really make your sticker look pretty cool.


And not only that, you can also add text, so let me just add something quickly let’s position it. And here it is. From there you can save that sticker to your sticker pack. Once you finish, add your pack to whatsapp and in seconds you can start using your own custom stickers. And now in whatsapp, look at this! My stickers are right here, if I want to set a sticker, simply click and here it is.

Animated Sticker Maker App

Now let’s move to the second application for today. “Animated sticker maker” it’s the application that let you convert any animated images, GIF, or videos to whatsapp stickers! It’s a great tool to exchange your creative idea with your friends and family! And as the previous app, once you’ve open it, you will see more than one option. “Community” where you can find ready animated stickers pack. And “Create” where you are able to customize your own animated stickers.


So go ahead, tap on create pack, name your pack, click on the plus icon, then choose one of the listed method… I actually prepared short videos using my phone camera. So, I will select the second method “import video from gallery” pick a video, try to cut a short part from it, then tap on “apply”. And now it’s the editing time… As you can see, we have 3 options below. Once you click on the first one, it will automatically erase the background and gives you the choice to choose a transparent one, video, a solid color, or even a picture. Let’s go back to choose the transparent background and tap on “apply”.


Now if you want to crop your sticker, just click on the second option and try to adjust it as you like Also, adding a text is available here, type your word or sentence, choose your favorite font and color, then click on ready once you finish! And save your work. You can add as many animated stickers as you want once you click on the plus icon. And after you finish just tap “add to whatsapp” to enjoy sharing your creative stickers with friends and family! Bear in mind that converting a photo to sticker is also available on this app!


I guarantee your friends will ask you how you did that. I like these apps, they are really easy and simple to use. I promise you there is nothing cool like sending your own custom sticker like this. So, what do you think about it!! Can’t wait to see your feedback down below. As usual, you can find links of applications used in the article. Thanks for visiting us and hope you enjoy it. If you want to hear from me again. GoodBye!


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