How to increase credit limit of your account IN 2022

If you are also having credit issues then this article might help you in case if you want to increase credit limit. This issue occurs sometimes when you want to send a greater amount to another account through your mobile app. But you don’t need to worry about that because we are here to help you with your solution. I also had the same issue when I was trying to send a 100K amount to my business partner. But it says your credit limit is not that much suddenly I reach out to the settings app where I found that my limit was set to about rs 1 but it was due to an issue. 


It happens when you open up a new bank account and order a credit card. When you receive your credit card you should go to the bank and there you can increase credit limit by about 100k or above because this one rupee limit is associated with the bank system and the bank only allows one rupee because it had to be set to and another amount by your instance. So you don’t need to worry about this problem, this problem is a common issue.

I will give you the solution of this problem by two methods. The first method is to set up your limit by you from your mobile phone app and the second method is to call your bank helpline and ask them to set your limit for greater amount. Don’t worry it is is to increase credit limit.

increase credit limit


Increase Credit Limit Through The Mobile App:

So you can also solve this problem by yourself, simply go to the Play store and update your mobile banking app if it is outdated then open your mobile app. You have to check it before you increase credit limit.

Login with username and password which you had set before. If you are done login in then you need to go to the settings icon, when you open up the settings happen it will appear some options. The first option will change the OTP option, the second option could be the account Manager option, and the next option could manage payees and billers. But when you will further scroll down you will find an option named limits, here the solution to your problem is founded. You simply have to tap the limit management and then you can edit your limits here. And here you will found two options named as subscribed to higher limits and the second will be edit your limits.

Then you have to tap at edit your limits, then there will be several options regarding limits those menus will show up different options regarding payments and limits. Simply here you have to change only payment transfer limits because if you want to send payments to someone then you have to only change this setting. But if you are sending the amount through another service then you have to change the limit of that service according to your need. There you will see other options which will be named as daily count.

Now the daily count option is for the number of transactions you have to make that day or in one day. If you want to send multiple payments then you can set it to multiple options according to your consent and requirement.But unfortunately, sometimes those limits cannot be edited because it says that this is the defined Bank limit. But don’t worry you have still another options. 


Calling Helpline To Increase Credit Limit:

If you have your credit card then you can see a helpline number. You have to simply call that helpline number they will ask you for typing some digits. Then there you can ask the customer helpline number to increase your credit limit. They will ask you for some identification by asking for your full name your cnic number and the issue date of your cnic. Don’t worry about that because this is a bank procedure only for your protection if someone wants to do it without your permission then he can’t do that.

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