Top 10 MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone 2022

Alright, Let’s go over the top MagSafe accessories for your new iPhone I’ve got 10 items to recommend, these accessories will make your iphone probably be a best combination. And you can buy these products according to your own experience, i am just providing a my side experience.
So, let’s go over the list Number 1 The Apple Leather Case This is the most “default-skinned” MagSafe-compatible case out there But! It is liked by a lot of people, and it can protect your phone Let’s keep going… Number 2… The Spigen Mag Armor Now, this is a good case Attractive and protective with multiple layers. Despite that, it’s still MagSafe-compatible and cost-effective. Now, what can you connect to these fancy cases using MagSafe? Well, this is where the PopGrip comes into play It’s a grip for your phone that uses MagSafe instead of the sticky adhesive that other ones go for So, it’s reusable, and you don’t have to ruin an iPhone case when you taking it off On that same note.
MagSafe Charger Dock
here’s a MagSafe wireless charger dock Now, this device kinda begs the question: “why would you use this over a direct, wired connection?” Well, because this dock has a kickstand. So if you want to watch videos while charging your phone, you absolutely can Number fi- Ooooh, wait It’s time for a wild card Here’s an accessory I don’t recommend: The Apple MagSafe battery pack It just doesn’t have enough juice to fully-charge the iPhone Mini, and it doesn’t justify the price. So, instead, I recommend this Anker Magnetic Battery It is the same concept as the Apple version, but it does… have a kickstand. So you can get more out of it Speaking of getting more out of something.
Magnetic Card Holder
How about a wallet attached to your phone? Here’s a magnetic card holder for your iPhone Of course, let me preface that I, personally. would not feel crazy comfortable about using a magnetic wallet, so I would recommend only using it with things that you don’t mind losing And if you want an even better version of that wallet, consider the Smart Fold one which has another kickstand It seems like kickstands are just the way to go with MagSafe Now, onto mounts, for number 8. we have a magnetic wall mount, so you can throw your iPhone wherever you want, and it will stay there with MagSafe. However, the adhesive that does come with the mount, itself, could potentially cause some wall damage.
Spigen MagFit S
So, keep that in mind But, if you want something more… desk-oriented. consider the Spigen MagFit S It’s a simple phone dock that you need to attach to your own MagSafe charger. but it gets the job done And, it’s very minimalist And, lastly, if you want a bougier version of that, you can get the Anker MagGo, which can connect your iPhone and AirPods And, we have a bonus! As with the iPhone now, there is no charging brick that comes in the box So, I recommend the Anker 20 Watt charger It’ll quickly charge your iPhone, far faster than the old bricks And, with everything said, that was the list of MagSafe accessories. I recommend getting for your new iPhone. Ultimately buying all this stuff is on your own and some of the products may be suitable for you or not.

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