Which Is The Best Hosting Provider In 2022

As in the previous article, I had described how to create a blogging website and there we had briefly discussed hostings and domains but in this article, I am comparing a few hosting providers and their services. In this article, I will tell you how to sign up on a hosting provider site and how to choose a plan suitable for your future plans.

How To Choose a Right Hosting Provider

When the question arises of how to choose the right hosting provider then this question is up to you. Because different hosting providers provide different plans and services but according to your need and requirements there could be plans which may be suitable for you and some may not. But these depend upon your needs and requirements. In my opinion, the best hosting provider is that who provides you with all the tools within the package at a pretty low cost and the best tools which may help you to create a different type of tools for your website and explore other features.

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Hostinger Review

At the top of the list, I will recommend going with hostinger because hostinger provides you best deals at pretty low prices and with many features and tools. Most probably when you will find a deal suitable for you and you go with it the hostinger will provide you the domain free within this package which you have selected.  I will recommend you go with premium shared hosting because in this deal you will find a free domain and pretty tools which may help you build a better website for you.

In premium shared hosting you will get a free SSL certificate and cloud fair protection and along with it you will get 24/7 support. You will get free weekly backups and a free domain which cost about $10 and the domain is .com domain.If you feel that this deal is not perfect and suitable for you then you can get your money back in 30 days. If you want to buy premium shared hosting simply you have to visit the hostinger official website and there you can sign up with your Google account and create a hostinger account. After creating hostinger account you can go in  hosting section and There you can select premium shared hosting and enter your credit card details and the required amount will be cut off from your account and your package will be activated. 

NameCheap Hosting Provider

When it came to best-hosting providers Namecheap will also be in the top place because Namecheap provides you with decent offers. Namecheap is also one of my favourite hosting provider because in NameCheap you can select stellar plus package. By selecting this package you can create three websites and you will have a free SSL certificate but you will need to buy a separate domain. But this package came with unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage of approximately 1000 GB. It means your website will load faster and faster that will help you to rank higher in Google and get more page views and visitors on daily basis. because according to Google a website that loads faster than there are much higher chance of getting ranked upon different keywords.

If you want to buy the hosting plan from namecheap.com then you need to to sign up with Google account and you should select a Stellar plus package where you will get a lot of tools to customise your website. After signing of the Google account and selecting your your entire package you need to enter your credit details after cutting of the entire amount your package will be activated. But be careful while selecting your website builder because some peoples mistakenly choose zyro instead of wordpress.

Which One You Should Buy

After the whole review I will recommend you going with hostinger because hostinger provides you much affordable and best deals than NameCheap. The prices of hostinger are much lower than NameCheap and hostinger gives you a free domain while namecheap charge you $10 for domain. Both of the hosting providers provide you free SSL certificate and cloudflare protection. 

So if you have budget issues then you can go with hostinger but if you are compatible with the prices of namecheap then you should go with namecheap deals because namecheap provides you most tools which will help you build your website better than hostinger.

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