YOUR Phone is a Game Console – 10,000+ Games

Retro games on Android, just hearing the students brings back memories. Now maybe you’re frustrated with in-app purchases on android games maybe you’re nostalgic or maybe you just want to utilize the freedom. By reading this article you will feel you phone as a game console Android has to offer anyway in today’s article let’s take a look at the awesome emulators that run well on Android and the huge gaming libraries we can take advantage of. 


let’s get started so first up we have everyone’s favorite game boy advance with Pokemon on it pokemon emerald to be precise. if you are a 90s kid you most probably recognize at least one of these three starters start check mark a friend Treecko there’s gotta be a lot of GBA invaders out there but our emulator of choice your classic boy but there are a lot of any leaders out there that can play GBA and Game Boy Color games. But why do we choose classic boy it’s because it supports a lot of other platforms and is real easy to get a getup and running now. I know a few of you are right now if going into the Commons and diving something like hey ash where do we find these farms you know I’m not gonna link you to that but then Google is your friend so just google it. 

game console

The Game Boy Advance has a lot of awesome games and this is one library after to do more than once. Now the PS is another console you can emulate it brings better graphics and drastic has been my emulator of choice for PS games. I spend a lot of time with this one too the 3ds can be emulated too but that has a bit of glitch here and there ultimate x3d SX is one that I haven’t personally tried out yet. But I’ve heard good things about as well so between the game advance the 3ds and the DES we have a ton of games that were built for handhelds that work extremely well on Android with the landscape orientation half off and doubling us. I mean the two screens can get fit into it so it’s a it’s quite a good implementation on Android phones.


 I’m going on from Pokemon games in the early two-thousands to something even older and even more challenging SNES Super Nintendo and Nintendo Ness and fewer games. Now before we had the same States before we had to recover hell we had games like contra and Mario Bros. You know one help you die and we’ve got very limited lives these games are not demanding at all and they perfectly we are emulators even on the lowest end Hardware on Android devices and given the few buttons they use touch controls are usually good enough to have a satisfying experience. The experience does get better if you have a real control of them. Now this nest 9x e x+ is one of the best emulators out there it also has fantastic controller support now. 


One thing all emulators share is safe States so you can quickly take a snapshot of any point of the game and if you die you can reload it from there. So you don’t have to wait for 11:00 to finish or reach a save point and if needed you even get options to speed up gameplay. Another cool emulator dauphin, this is one of the most powerful emulators out there that can play almost any Wii or GameCube title and here you do need a fairly powerful device. We ran all of these emulators on a pixel to excel and even with 3035 under the hood some of the Wii games struggled a bit whether we might offer the most beautiful ventilated graphics. Most Wii games do need V controllers the nunchucks to be able to play them so yeah that’s a bit of a bummer but hey we always have some titles like Super Smash Bros or Donkey Kong that work well with the traditional controller. So if you ever do get tired of playing PUBG or fortnight on your phones and when I instead collect coins and jump on koopa troopas in mario world well you can you know Android phone or tablet can handle all this. 


So let me know what do you think about these emulators and more importantly if you do end up trying them out. let me know how they worked on your phone or tablet and guys Salima, if you do end up getting into an emulator something like a Pokemon Center, please the end up sucking 50 plus hours of your life so we want anyway.

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